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    Exclamation external hdd transfer large files or split files help!

    Actually i have 2 issues that relate.

    1. The actual problem that i have is that i want to copy large files from my macbook to an external hdd.
    The problem here is that with a external hdd (windows fat-32) it is not possible to move larger files than 5gb or something! If the hdd would be windows ntfs, mac wont read it and i cant move any files to my hdd. So this is crazy, because i dont want my hdd to be mac os extened since windows wont be able to read that!! AAAAH

    So: is there a solution to have my external hdd to be accessible from both windows and mac and to be able to transfer large files!?

    If not:

    2. I would like to split the large files either dmg, iso or zip or whatever to smaller files so that i am able to transfer these to my external hdd. For example i have a 7gb dmg i want to transfer to my external hdd, so splitting it in 2 should do the job.
    Furthermore, i heard this is possible with toast, if so how? And i dont want to span to discs, i then would like to span within my macbook on my macbook hdd.

    Please help me, this windows/mac issue (why cant they get over it!) is crazy and will become a much bigger problem in the future since the files are getting bigger every day!


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    FAT32 is limited to a 4GB single file size, as you've discovered. If you need to store files larger than 4GB and maintain Windows compatibility, you'll need to format it in NTFS.

    Easy answer to this question - get Paragon NTFS for Mac. Not only will it allow you full read/write access to NTFS partitions, but it also comes with a component to allow you to read/write Mac partitions on Windows. Well worth the money IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    (...)Not only will it allow you full read/write access to NTFS partitions(...)
    Thnx for your reply cwa, i do have a question however. You see i would like to use my external hdd to plug it into different windows and mac computers. So lets say ill go to a friend (mac), plug it in, grab a file 10gb, go to another friend (windows) and drop it there.
    I suppose this software is a writer/reader that i install on my mac, but this means that all mac computers i communicate to need to have this installed, right?
    Or does the software tell my hdd (ntfs) that it is accessible by all macs?

    If it doesnt, are there any alternatives anyone knows?

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    has there been any resolution to this issue? I backed up some Blue Ray discs in MKV format but cannot transfer them to a drive because it is FAT32. I'd like to split or compress the files. I tried compressing with stuffit but it simply creates a zip file of the same size.

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    Multiple Method Solution
    Method 1

    1)Buy Paragon/Buy Mac Drive

    Easy Method

    2)Format as NTFS/MacOS Journalised

    Partition Your Hard Drive with a small partition 500MB (or carry a FAT32 usb stick) and send inside Paragon (to read NTFS in MAC) or MacDrive (to read GPT Disks on Windows)

    Method 2

    Buy Rar Machine

    Zipping/Unzipping Method
    with RaRMachine compress and rar into desired size

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