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    Safari troubles with webpages, as well as text edit.
    I've noticed somethings today in Safari: when I was on youtube and watching a video, there were brief flashes of white -- squares that momentarily appeared, then disappeared.

    Also when I was putting together some webpages (I'm teaching myself HTML), Some of text was either 'cut off' (as if the letters weren't fully displayed) or partially doubled -- as if the tops of the letters were repeated above themselves. I noticed it too just now in text edit. Anyone have this problem? Can it be a virus or something?

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    Do you happen to be using the Safari 4 beta? If you are, this could very well be a problem with the newer version of WebKit being used. If you think this is a problem with Safari (assuming you are using the beta) and you don't have these issues in any other browser, send a bug report to Apple using the bug report tool in the top right.
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    I don't think I'm using the beta version -- but how do I know for sure? Even now, as I'm looking at my page, the phrase "Anyone use Google Sketchap|Writing equations in Offide 2008 help needed" is messed up -- the top half of the words are missing. and just below that the phrase Anyone using Goole Sketchup appears again, without the second part, and looks fine. If place the cursor over it, it turns to a hand, but nothing happens if I do that to the garbled example -- now it just disappeard and both sentences are there, both of them links. Is there a problem with Safari? I just checked 'about Safari and I'm using 3.2.1 ( I think everything went back to normal when I clicked on the 'About Safari' button.

    Could I have inadvertently messed up the encodings? Does that even matter? I had the same display problem, remember, in textedit as well -- the text was garbled, or cut off, etc. If I highlighted it, it went back to normal.

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