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    Macromedia Flash problems.
    So I'm a pretty frequent user of Macromedia Flash MX but recently it has been crashing more and more. This really sucks when you forget to frequently save your work and lose it all. I'm not quite sure, but I thought that the reason why Macromedia apps weren't as stable with Mac OS X was because they were originally designed for Windows. Similar to how all the Adobe apps (which are as stable as any Apple app) are originally designed for Mac OS X then desinged for Windows. Is anyone else having this problem? Or do any of you know for sure if that is the reason for the instablilty? Thanks.

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    have you tried repairing permissions? also, try deleting flash's preferences, its here:
    mac hd>users>your username>library>preferences>flash mx 2004 preferences or whatever version you have, delete it, restart and try opening flash. itll be as if you first installed flash, youll get that welcome screen with tutorials and need to re setup your preferences.

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