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    I need a sweet 3D program for Mac
    Hey guys I'm a Sr Art Director for and ad agency and have been working with the MAC for over 15 years. I have mastered all that is MAC, print, & web design. Feeding my thirst to stay current with the times I have convinced the agency to offer 3D services. Great cash flow for us and another skillset under my belt. Problem is I don't have enough knowledge to know what type of program I need to accomplish our end product. One of our biggest clients is in the wine/spirits/beer category so that means we are going to start rendering glass bottles with liquid and various glasses. We will also render case stacks and displays that have bottles incorporated. Displays will need to have textures such as wood, metal, and plastic. So what I need is a 3D program that renders very high quality photo-realistic products (such as bottles, glasses, corrugate boxes, etc) and displays. I cannot stress enough the end product has to be very high quality. The images will be used to sell ideas to the company president, CEO, & CMO. They will also be used in publication and web applications. I do not need animation capability but if a high-end program is the path to the most photo-realistic image then so be it. I would hate to go with 3D Studio Max and abandon my MAC just for a software program but the advice I have received so far is that it's the program for me. I think Cinema 4D may be a nice alternative? I would LOVE your advice guys!

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    Autodesk (the makers of 3D Studio Max) does make:

    Autodesk - Autodesk Maya

    This has been around for years now, and runs on the Mac * .

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    There is also Blender. While not what I might call "professional", it is free and capable of doing some quite amazing things. For a sample of what's possible with Blender, check out Elephants Dream. There is also a gallery on the Blender website.
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    ... I too have been bitten by the 3D bug and am getting some use out of this program...
    ... Sample work...

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    I realise its some 2 years since your post, but there are far more options for you on OSX now. Notably (for modelling) we now have Rhino 5 on mac. Its still in its beta version and seems to have been for ever now - but thats not always a bad thing. Currently its free, very usable, bug free and almost an industry standard. Iv been opting to use it over my fully paid for windows version as its much more stable!! In short, its a great program with loads of free literature / blogs / tutorials etc (which should really be one of your main concerns if your learning surface modelling from scratch).

    When it comes to rendering check out Luxions 'Keyshot'. Fantastic instant results if your aim is to produce studio style photography. might not be great for interior shots (POS in supermarkets etc). For that it might be worth getting your head around V-ray (only on PC however).

    Rendering software is advancing all the time, and getting easier to use. Really its worth putting your efforts into learning good modelling practices. Autodesk Alias is the 'daddy', but i wouldn't recommend trying to learn it from scratch. Rhino uses a similar approach to modelling, is far less daunting, cheaper, nicer to use and all knowledge picked up using it will be translatable to 'Alias' if you ever needed to advance to the next level of modelling (car surfacing industry standard).

    in short: MacRhino + Keyshot on mac = great images!

    dont waste your time with anything else

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