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    Word 2008 to pdf
    I recently got Word 2008 and know I can save as a pdf. Throughout the document I have a picture in the background that covers the entire page and another that is partially outside the margin. So when I save as a pdf, the part of the image that's outside the margin gets chopped off, plus each page has white around the edges where I want the background to completely fill.

    (I also tried setting the Format>Background option to my background picture, but the picture doesn't show up at all when saving as a pdf.)

    Is there any way to get a pdf that looks exactly like my Word document?

    Thanks so much!

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    Are you saving it as a PDF in Word or are you trying to print to PDF? Usually the best way to create a PDF of a document is go File>Print and then use the button at the bottom of the window to save as a PDF. Otherwise I would say that Word simply refuses to recognize those parts of the image and so will not display them in any other file type.

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    or remove the settings on the page setup for the borders ie so that no white is on the edge although this may reset your fonts and then they will so to the edge so maybe reduce the borders to a minimal amount
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