I just downloaded itunes 8.1 And the party mix is gone. Replaced by itunes DJ. For the most part, the exact same thing as the party mix was.

But . . . .

I have one little issue. say I have it set it to display 5 recently played song and 0 upcomming songs. All fine. But the song playing in the list, is not highlighted in the 5. It's a separate 6th track at the bottom. And say I want to play the 3rd track on the list again, it doesn't play the 3rd track directly . . . well it does, but it says in the sixth slot (the song I am playing slot) the 3rd track.

That is all fine, but then after I play it and move on to the next track the 5th in the list is the last track I just played. Which is totally different to the old party mix. It didn't change my list around if I played the 3rd track or the 2nd or whatever. It just updated the list when the last track on the list was played.

Is there a way to change this back to the old Party Mix way of doing things? As this little change made with the itunes DJ is really annoying.

But apart from this tiny teeny but super annoying thing, the rest of itunes DJ is good.