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Thread: Games on a powerbook G4

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    Games on a powerbook G4
    I have a Powerbook G4, 867MHz, 128MB RAM (another 512MB DIMM is on its way, so it'll be at 640MB very soon...) and it has a 32MB GeForce4 420 Go...
    I know mac isn't the best platform for gaming, but i just want to see what this 'book can do graphically, does any one have any suggestions for games to try out? i was thinking either Halo or UT '04... my system looks like it'll just barely meet the requirments though, any one have any good mac games i should try?

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    Download demos and see how things run.

    There's no halo demo, but there is one for UT 2004...

    Check out one of the mac gaming sites... (google is your friend) for links to demos.

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    I have an iBook G4 1.2 Ghz with Radeon 9200, 768 RAM, and Halo runs terribly, so it will probably run even worse on your system. Unreal Tournament 2003 runs great on this laptop though! I've also heard good things about UT2004, never tried it though.

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