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    Feb 23, 2009
    iDVD burning dvd difficulty
    I am creating DVD's for my church camp I manage...

    I am using iDVD to put together and create a DVD with a menu, slideshows, and videos. Everything functions well until I go to actually create the dvd.

    I select Burn DVD.... and says to insert blank DVD. I insert a blank DVD, then it says; WAITING FOR DEVICE TO BECOME READY......

    After it does this for about 10 minutes or so, it ejects the blank dvd and then says to insert a recordable dvd.??

    I've already burnt one week's worth of pics and videos, but it won't burn anymore dvds...

    Really really frustrated!!

    PLEASE HELP!! Thank You~~!!
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    Mar 17, 2009
    I don't have the answer but I have the exact same problem that just started happening. I have made several movies with iDVD and have burned them several times. But on my most recent project, using the same DVDs I have always used, I suddenly get the "waiting for device to become ready" message and my DVD continues to be ejected.

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    Feb 23, 2009
    Well, I just got back my computer from MacOutfitters in Cranberry, PA. They said my SuperDrive was bad. They replaced my drive (Thank You AppleCare!!) so I will keep you posted on whether this helped.

    Make sure to check out if there are any software updates. Might make a difference.
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    Feb 25, 2009
    I am having the same problems trying to burn a DVD.
    In IMovie I go to IDVD and get the movie into that arena. Trying to burn it from either the IDVD file or using the burn button on the IDVD screen results in the same action as Josh and Ross, "waiting for device to become ready" followed by the ejection of the (new) DVD. I can burn a collection of still images onto DVD. IDVD is version 4.0.1 updated 2007. Help please.

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