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    Mac Mail with Yahoo. Syncing problems
    Hi everyone,

    yahoo mail (the free one) now works fine with Mac Mail, I got it to work after enabling pop fowarding on yahoo. Seems like they finally are giving in and allowing pop forwarding, and based on the "we are currently upgrading" messages they have, seems like more is to come. So for now, I'm sticking with yahoo though I know gmail is awesome too.

    My problem:
    I usually use yahoo's website to check e-mail when I'm not on my Macbook, so often most of my e-mail is already checked when I am not at home. But when I turn on my Macbook and access Mail, it shows me new mail again, all of which I have actually already seen...basically it bolds anything new that it is downloading from the server. Any way to change this so that only really NEW mail is bolded only? It's irritating, cos then I cannot differentiate what's been checked, and what's really new mail.

    Any help or advice would be awesome.

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    i had the same issue, at least it sounds like same issue...but what i did is remove the account(s) in Mail and re-add as IMAP instead of POP. Everything will/should sync correctly.

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    Maybe because only POP, and not IMAP? Does it support IMAP.

    Finally, Yahoo free has this free POP. I thought it stupid to pay for email. Now I get extra benefits. Good. I have Gmail too BTW.
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