Alright ladies and Gents so i went ahead and did the stupidness lol, overclocked my macbook a tad, as well as did some benchmarks with and without 4Gigs of Ram.

So here are the results:

Official nVidia driver 179.48 with stock memory (2Gigs)

CPU 2.0 GPU 450
3DMark Score 2088
SM 2.0 Score 740
SM 3.0 Score 790
CPU Score 1686

CPU 2.0 GPU 525
3DMark Score 2185
SM 2.0 Score 780
SM 3.0 Score 828
CPU Score 1718

CPU 2.3 GPU 525
3DMark Score 2335
SM 2.0 Score 829
SM 3.0 Score 878
CPU Score 2000

Dox 182.05 driver with stock memory (2Gigs)

CPU 2.0 GPU 450
3DMark Score 2137
SM 2.0 Score 769
SM 3.0 Score 800
CPU Score 1734

CPU 2.0 GPU 525
3DMark Score 2219
SM 2.0 Score 800
SM 3.0 Score 835
CPU Score 1727

CPU 2.3 GPU 450
3DMark Score 2257
SM 2.0 Score 809
SM 3.0 Score 837
CPU Score 2004

CPU 2.3 GPU 525
3DMark Score 2337
Dont remember the rest of the scores sorry

4Gigs of RAM nVidia 179.48 driver

CPU 2.0 GPU 450
3DMark Score 2116
SM 2.0 Score 751
SM 3.0 Score 798
CPU Score 1768

So what do i think? well although the performance diff is there the 3dmark does not show much.... Is it worth overclocking? if you want that extra 30fps in TF2 or HL2 then yes absolutely.... I did not notice much heat from the Overclocking, maybe 2degrees but no more than 4. I did not finish yet with getting numbers for the 4gigs and OC bc i got a lockup from turning the computer back on from sleep, so I am just going to update this thread soon as i have more results.

As for which driver is better? well the DOX gives you a tad more performance but it lacks the ability to control your brightnes. It sets the brightness all the way up to full without being able to adjust for better battery life. The official nVidia however gives you full control. So my choice is the nVidia..... I am not huge on games other than TF2 and CSS but I also do have COD WaW and it is fairly playable with some nice graphics(settings are on normal and all on except for shadows. I also have Deadspace that game runs smooth on med-high....

All 3dmark test were run with Powermizer on to optimize for better batt. life. Feel free to ask any questions and i will be more than glad to try and answer.