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    mIRC for my macbook
    Is there anyway I can get mIRC for mac? I know they don't make mIRC for mac but is there a program I can download that will let me run a windows program like mIRC on my OS? I don't want to get windows on my mac that is too much work.

    Also if you know anything about mIRC is a program that exists that allows you to run the same mIRC scripts on? That would be cool too.

    I just want mIRC because I have a lot of scripts for mIRC that I made on my PC and I would like to find a way to use those again on my mac.


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    You can get Darwine. As long as you have an Intel core duo you should be able to run it. I use Darwine to run my occasional Windows app. It works thru X11. Leopard/10.5 comes with it already installed.

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    If you're looking for a good IRC client for Mac, try Colloquy or Conversation.

    No need to install Windows (or any Windows emulator software) for a simple IRC application.
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    xchat aqua is good and very scriptable. dunno if there is really anyway to convert your old mirc scripts... check google maybe

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