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    Mar 03, 2009
    Firefox & Safari slowdown with Flash objects member here. I'm running 10.5.6 and lately Firefox 3 (latest one) and Safari really slows down if a forum page or any page has a youtube video on seems to stall for a good 4-5 seconds before it pops up.

    I also have a few XSPF flash jukebox players that I listen problems at home on my PC but if I try to listen at work I get this error:

    Thing is I was able to load these all fine about 5-6 months ago..never got that pop up error loading an XSPF player and YT vids never caused a slow down problem (unless there was like 5-10 vids in the therad.

    Any ideas?

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    Mar 03, 2009
    Very interesting...I uninstalled Flash 10, installed Flash 9 and everything works perfectly fine now!!!

    How the heck does F9 run with no problems as opposed to F10???

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