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Thread: How to make Page Numbers default Word doc

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    How to make Page Numbers default Word doc
    I am using Word 2008 for Mac.
    I always want page numbers, but I always need to select it from the Insert
    menu. Is there a way to make this the default so I don't have to manually
    select it every time? I have tried this: See the Word help topic " Template locations in Word" for more information, which says to edit the Normal template and add them there: they will then appear in
    every new document I create. But this doesn't seem to help. When I open the Normal.dotm file, it appears as Document 1, so I can't actually change Normal.dotm. I can make a new Page Numbers doc but I'll have to select it to use it. How do I make a default Normal, or how can I get Page Numbers to open as the default?

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    I haven't tried it in Word for Mac, but have you tried opening Normal.dotm (yes, I know it comes up as Document 1), add the page numbers and save as a template (naming it again as normal.dotm)? That's how it works on the Windoze side.

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    This is what works for me:

    Open Word, New document, select File Open. Navigate to where normal.dotm is located:

    /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/User Templates/normal.dotm

    Open it and make the changes to it that you desire. Save normal.dotm, save all, and close Word. Open Word again and the changes you made should be reflected as part of the normal template. The old normal template will be renamed and saved in the same location as a backup.


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