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Thread: stupid *** firefox

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    stupid *** firefox
    I had firefox finally working correctly, and all of a sudden, I quit it after installing an extension, and when I reopened it, it asked me to use another user profile cause the default was in use, I created a new one, now all my settings, extensions, and bookmarks are gone, like firefox reset itself. I looked in the help files and theres no mention of usder profiles anywhere, whats going on?

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    ok, I solved my own problem, justr deleted the new profile.

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    That happens from time to time, I can't explain why that comes about myself. This also happens on Windows, but when it did happen on windows, when I shut off the computer and came back later I got all my old settings back. Not sure, if that method is correct on a mac. You should try just quitting out of Firefox and open it again. No guarantee, though.

    Edit: Oh, nevermind then.

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    That happened far too often when I used it on Windows and Linux, so that's why I prefer Safari.

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    I prefer Camino and Shiira personally. However, I've discovered that neither Gecko nor Webkit can properly render some sites I go to.
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