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    Safari not changing color for visited links on Google Search pages
    Something I've done in the past few days has caused Safari to not change color for visited links "only" on Google search pages, which is where it's most needed. This is still working fine on FireFox. I tried creating another user account and it works fine with that...just not with my primary account.

    I've done all the typical things...repaired permissions, repaired disk, completely reset Safari to default and made sure all caches, etc. were cleaned out...both manually and with Onyx, reset associated .plist files, history, cookies, private browsing.....nothing helps.

    Returning to a Google search page still shows all visited links as blue, as if they'd never been visited. Another clue is if I log out of my Google account (which I have to be logged into 24/7 for Gmail, Google bookmarks, iGoogle, etc., it starts working, then stops working as soon as I log into my Google account again. I posted this on Google Groups but got no response.

    This also works fine on my wife's Mac, so it's definitely a problem just in my user account. I know I could just add a new account and use that, but it would mean re-installing all 70 applications I have now installed as they're not setup for use except with my account. I'd like to avoid that and find the actual culprit. BTW, this worked fine for a long time...just quit working about a week ago, but it wasn't in conjunction with any new hardware or software.


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    I've had the same exact problem (except I'm using Firefox, I'm not on a Mac...but the same symptoms). The link colors would change if I logged out of Google or used a different account (or even if I used Internet Explorer), but refused to change if I was logged into my main account. I found two semi-solutions. The first is the one I've stuck with as it is most convenient.

    1) Go to, and choose one of the experiments there (it doesn't matter which one, though I recommend either keyboard shortcuts or my preferred sites, as those seem to mess the least with what the search page looks like). After doing this, all my search pages function as normal.

    2) In iGoogle, add &hl=all to the end of the address (so becomes This makes all subsequent searches work right, but it might be inconvenient and it also removes a lot of other Google search functionality (things that appear at the top of the screen like options to search videos, news, etc, as well as the SearchWiki stuff).

    Hope one of these works for you!

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