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    Unhappy Removing duplicates in iPhoto
    Does anyone know of a solid, reliable program that will remove duplicate pictures in iPhoto? I have tried Annihilator, but it does not discover any duplicates - no matter which filtering/search option(s) I choose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    iPhoto Diet works well, but has not been updated recently. Check to see if it is supported by your version of the OS you are using.

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    i bought duplicate annihilator and it didn't find the majority of my duplicates. is there another software? what else can i do?

    most of my duplicates have different file names and some are not rotated in the same direction. this happened because my mom scanned about 3,000+ pictures and didn't understand my directions. every time she hit "save" it would RE-SAVE ALL of the pictures vs just the recently scanned ones.

    case in point... my iphoto is a disaster right now and not even the duplicate annihilator (which i bought) helped. anything else i can do? i am looking manually but this literally could take me weeks! help!

    also, i downloaded iphoto diet but i dont think it works with iphoto 08!

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    I searched and found this:

    OS X Mac Tips & Tricks: Delete duplicate iPhoto photos

    They give a link for "Tidy Up". I'm downloading it right now and will report back later.

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