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    Toast 6 and DVD burning questions
    I just got a new DVD burner w. Toast 6 bundled. Before we really begin, no I don't have iDVD because I don't have a Superdrive. Anyway, am I wrong or is there no way to edit menus w/ Toast. I am very surprised if this is the case after reading all the great reviews of Toast. All I want to do right now is create a DVD slideshow project with custom buttons, backgrounds, and music. It appears I can't do this with Toast.

    If this is the case is there any freeware that will allow me to create menus?

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    I have a program called 'Motion Pictures' which is in the 'Toast Titanium software folder' inside toasts folder which can make DVD slideshows so far as I can tell. I haven't used it yet and its possible that you only get this program with the full version of Toast and not with the bundled version that you get with a DVD burner as it has less features. Try going to and type in DVD to see what software is available.

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    I have the full version and I have Motion Pictures. The problem isn't making the slideshow, but rather the apparent inability to make custom menus and buttons in Toast 6 Titanium.

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    Same problem. I heard iDvd 5 was supporting some externals, but as far as I can see that's not the case. I'd be interested to know if there is any freeware as iDvd's options for menus looke great...

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