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    Best database solution?
    Just wondering what folks are using these days for database applications. I'm currently using FileMaker Pro (8), but there might be a better fit out there. FMP allows me to create more fields to enter multiple phone numbers and addresses, as well as create drop down tabs and check box fields, etc. for differentiating the background of each contact. But its searching capabilities are a bit clunky, and it doesn't interface w/ Mac's Spotlight.

    Has anyone found a better solution? Here's my database wish list...

    -I'd like to keep these core features -- creating multiple fields, as well as drop down tabs and check box fields, for differentiating sources' background -- but find an app that does better/easier searching.

    -Interfacing the app w/ Spotlight.

    -Any kind of hyperlinking-like features. That is, will not just allow me to attach a reference to a file, but link to a particular section w/in a file (i.e., Word, PDF, etc..

    -Cross-platform would also be great...

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Jan 24, 2010
    Did you ever get an answer to your questions? I'm using Bento 3 but it's too sensitive to loosing data. I'd like to know how I can use Numbers or word as a simple database - what do you think?

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