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    entourage received email times wrong
    Each morning I open entourage and all the emails from the night before and earlier in the morning come in and are logged as received at the time I open entourage. I am unable to distinguish if an email was sent the night before or earlier that morning. I am receiving twenty emails all logged as being received at 9:00am when they really have been received the night before or earlier in the morning. Why is entourage not logging my emails at the correct time.

    I have an iPhone that I also use to receive emails from the server but those emails come in with the correct received time.

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    I would check the preferences in case there is a setting for this. You might also consider trying Mozilla Thunderbird.
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    Ive checked all of my options in preferences and there is nothing to change it. It was working before and I am unsure why it just stopped.

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