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    Syncing mail between two Macs
    I'm about to step it up and buy an iMac in addition to my MacBook. I have a bunch of folders and subfolders in Mail now that are stored "on my Mac". I do have a MobileMe account. What is the best way to sync so I get the same look and storage between the two?

    Can I just create/recreate those folders under @me?

    Also, when I sync for the first time on the new computer if I check "mail accounts" and "mail rules, etc." will it look the same?

    Basically what I'm after is my mail in both places to look the same and sync? Is it possible? Thanks for your time?

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    Since MobileMe is an IMAP-enabeled mail acount, once you have set it up on the new Mac, all folders and mails will be downloaded as it is on the MacBook and all changes will automatically be reflected on both machines in the future without any particular syncing action being required.

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