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    Entourage slowdown
    When I try to go from Address Book to Mail view and backin my Entourage, it takes about 5 or 6 seconds or more to respond. It sort of freezes for a bit and then switches view. It wasn't like this when I bought the mac a couple of years ago. I have about 1,000 entries in my Address Book, and some of them are crossreferenced with projects. Not sure how many email I have, probably thousands.

    Do you think it slows down because of the amount of emails I have? Is there a fix? Or should I archive old emails?

    Boy, how I love my Mac.

    I work with people in the office who all use pc's. They are soooo jealous of me. They all have viruses to contend with on a daily basis. Plus the dreaded blue screen.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    what version of Office are you running? I assume Office v.X because you say its been a couple years. Anyway, First of all Microsoft Office is just plain problematic (go figure). When Entourage 2004 gets slow or comes up with weird errors a simple back up and reinstall usually does the trick for us.

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