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    Safari vs Omniweb, Firefox etc.
    Can someone who has used Omniweb, Firefox, Opera on Mac please give some pros and cons re using one over the other.
    Thank you [new user].

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    The one con that I have about Firefox; it does not handle flash all that great. I like to play the flash games, so that's why. I'll go to Safari or Camino for flash content. One pro that comes to mind about Firefox, there are too many great extensions. I can't comment on Safari and Omiweb, because I am to acquainted with Firefox.

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    omniweb and firefox are great, a con for firefox is that it doesnt auto login to things like safari does, and it asks for my password every single time I open the app, it says a password is required to use it, but I havent enabled any sort of security.
    a pro of firefox is plug ins, like the g-mail plugin, it checks for me and displays it at the bottom of the window. omniwebs tabbed browsing is superior to all browsers to date, another pro of omniweb is you can save workspaces, like in photoshop, a con of omniweb is it is sorta a processor hog.

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    Omniweb Cons:
    - Omniweb costs $ :p
    - Does not handle inline WMA video very well, it'd randomly crash. At least for me.
    - Resource Hog. It'll bring my PowerBook to it's knees if I have a lot of tabs open.

    Macman : Sounds like you have a permissions problem. Firefox never asks me for a password.

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    Oh BTW, I LOVE OmniWeb... I refuse to use any other browser cuz they just can't come close.

    Firefox has no spellchecking - Omniweb does
    Firefox uses it's own password management - Omniweb uses Keychain
    I can block any content I wish to in Omniweb - either per site, or file types. I disable Flash by default - but am able to click to activate them if I want them.
    Cookie management is a MUST for me (Safari loses out big time one this for me).

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    I have used Safari, Firefox and Opera. Opera gets my lowest rating: doesn't look so great, and its too cluttered for me. fFirefox: Slow startup on my PowerBook and its not great with saving logins for sites. I use Safari more than any other, and I love it. The tabbed browsing is great and I ahve very few problems overall. Some sites don't recognize it because its not like IE or Netscape, so that whe Firefox comes in handy. I once read a blog where the guy did an unscientific study on the comperable speeds: Safari was fastest overall then Camino then Firefox...
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    Thank you for Reviews
    Thank you to all who have provided such a detailed - and prompt - reply. They are very helpful.


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    Don't forget about Camino. I have used Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, Mozilla, Shiira, and Camino. I have a little complaint about each browser except for Camino. I have been using it as my default for a couple months now.

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