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    Unhappy Mac Mail help

    I am relatively new to Macs and have a question about the Mail application as it relates to the .Me account.

    I have my regular primary email account and I also have a few aliases defined on my .mac account.

    When I send an email from yahoo to the primary .mac email address, I receive it in the inbox on the .Me website but if I load the mail application on my macbook, the same email never appears there. If I send an email to my aliases, they appear in both places, which is how I would like my primary to work too.

    Even if I send right from the mail application on my macbook to the primary email account, it shows as sent but never shows up in the inbox of the mail application but it DOES appear in the inbox of the .Me website.

    It was working but no longer does.

    Any advice is very much appreciated?


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