Bit of a weird problem for you all. I'm typing my essay up on Word on my iBook (using Microsoft Office X). The text on the screen is 'justified' so that each line of words ends at the same point through the essay.

But when I print the essay out, some lines are justified and others end before the rest.

Having just moved to OSX from WinXP i'm not overally familair with it. But it might not be a problem specific to the OS anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my printer to print as it is on screen? Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks and regards.

Note: Its been suggested to me that the printer is printing my essay using its own fonts. Is there anyway I can uncheck an option called 'Use Device Fonts' or something. If this was selected then the printer would print out using it's own fonts. It's version of (for example) Times Roman is likely to be different from the PC's version which would result in the sort of output i'm getting.

Is there an option, either in the printer setup or the word setup, to force my printer to use the same fonts as appears on screen?