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    Mail Question
    Right now I forward my gmail account to my yahoo. Mainly b/c I like the way yahoo does calendar and contacts and I can send mail from yahoo and it appears as if it's from gmail if I choose

    My question is can Mail do this? If I setup my gmail account in mail I'll get the emails there twice b/c of the forwarding so I didn't really want to do that

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    If you set up your Yahoo account in Mail it will get the email forwarded from Gmail as well.
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    Right, but when I want to send something my only choice will be from my Yahoo account correct? I'd like to be able to send as gmail also if that's possible

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    If I am understanding you correctly, you only use Yahoo b/c of the calendar and contacts. So, if you bring your everything into mail, would you still be using these functions? Either way, why don't you just bring in both accounts separately (multiple mailboxes). Then you can choose which one you send mail from. I have several e-mail accounts from different locations in my mail. Can pick and choose where I send messages from.

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