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    Accidentally saved photobooth pics to a folder I cant find!
    i edited some photobooth pictures in photoshop, and when I went to save them I didnt actually look at the folder i'd be saving it to. when i went to go upload them to my photobucket i couldn't find any of my pictures! i searched for the filenames etc. but there was nothing.
    i went back to photoshop to open up the folder where i saved my booth pics to and apparently i saved them to a folder called

    i have no idea what any of that means but i searched for that folder and the folders that contain it and i can't find it at all. is it worthless to do this/are my pics gone for good?

    here is a screencap

    thank you!

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    Try saving a file to the folder again. When you get to the save screen hit the little blue down button next to the "save as" box, this should show you the path.

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    Take another photo and then use spotlight to find the most recent .jpg on your system - that's the folder!
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    open your finder and explore your recent files by day, sure you know what day it was, today, yesterday....

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