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Thread: Problems when I try to access to my desktop folder

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    Unhappy Problems when I try to access to my desktop folder
    Hi, I have 2 or 3 days with out being able to access my desktop folder, something weird happened when I tried to import some files into iPhoto, since then, everytime I click into my desktop icon it opens the iPhoto software. It also change my desktop view options icons are bigger and I can only see my HD and other external drives, the files that I have there are imposiible to see them but I can use them by searching them with spotlight.

    when I open the desktop info (Apple+i) it shows that is the def ault software to open my DESKTOP FOLDER!!??, did someone knows what can I do to fix this problem..?

    I add some pics so you can see what I mean!, thanks..

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    Hi emasso:

    Hopefully your problem is long since fixed. If not, here's what I did for one of my clients that worked:

    On a Macbook Pro running the current versions of OS X and iPhoto, one day my client was unable to open his Desktop folder, or rather it opened in iPhoto by default. To fix this-

    1. Login as a different user with admin priviledges
    2. From the Terminal:
    sudo chown -R adminuser ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktop
    sudo mv ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktop ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktopweird
    sudo mkdir ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktop
    sudo mv ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktopweird/* ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktop/
    sudo chown -R afficteduser ~/Users/afflicteduser/Desktop
    3. Repair permissions (who knows if this was necessary, but it didn't hurt)

    And voila.

    This may well be too technical for you to do yourself if you're not Unix-savvy (and in fact, don't try it unless you understand what you're doing), but it will provide a roadmap for others to help you. Good luck!

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