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    which software package would you guys rate as the best antivirus for mac OS X 10.3 (panther) ?

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    there are no viruses on mac, so software is unneccessary unless youre networked with pc's. but if you need one, norton products will destroy your mac , use intego virusbarrier or virex.

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    I just did a search for this subject on here after reading about Intego VirusBarrier X4 I was wondering the same thing just thought I would add this from Apple
    Not to bad of a price either. Your ****ed if you do, ****ed if you don't, so why not air on the side of caution.
    Last week My computer just went black.I lost everything, speaking with Apple about it they said I should get something but they hesitated to say what brand, I kind of felt like they were trying to tell me be careful there is something out there but I really don't think they want to start a panic lol Something wiped out my hard drive and I needed to do a reinstall. But at first it would not recognize Tiger It kept saying Classic is having trouble, (really weird) because Classic was never installed on this computer. I had to start with Panther to get it back to Tiger. Apple Care was simple at a lost to figure out what happened. I'll never know why it happened but it is kind of a coincidence with this topic and all in the head lines.
    This is a very informative read also
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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    I am using Intego Virusbarrier X4 and I think it is great. If you want some further info. about some other AV software click here .

    Quote Originally Posted by kabwon
    which software package would you guys rate as the best antivirus for mac OS X 10.3 (panther) ?

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    Dont forget ClamAV. It's free and works great.

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