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    Question Moving Itunes from XP PC to new Imac
    Well ive finally gone and done it after 20+ years of owning and working on windows machines (and getting totally frustrated with them) I'm now the proud owner of a spanking new Imac. The trouble is i have no idea what the heck i'm doing.
    I have purchased a good Imac portable genius book which is assisting me in my transfer over to Mac but i really need to get my Itunes library sorted out as i really dont fancy creating my massive list of playlists all over again.
    I have copied over my music files and also the library.xml from my windows XP lappy but i'm not sure how to get Itunes to recognise it.
    Any ideas?
    one forum mentions importing it in Itunes but i cant see that on the File menu. i'm using latest version of Itunes

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    There's a multi-step procedure posted on Apple's own site. I still have yet to do this myself. Sorry, I don't have the link handy, but an efficient Google search should turn up the right page.

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    A big congrats on making the move! I know how your must feel. I've always been a Mac "monkey" and my folks PC "junkies". And after a while I got them to have a play on my Pro and they have looked back, they just got a 24" iMac and they love it!

    So first off! Welcome to the forum!

    Second, I helped my folks move there PC over to there Mac about two/ three weeks ago.

    You'll find lots of help here> Apple - Support - Switch 101 - The Great Migration. And I'll have a search around for some other things for you!

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    Oh and one more thing! I would like to stress is that you back up you PC onto an external HDD before you make the switch, just in case something goes wrong? I've had this happen to me! I lost all my music and films and I had to re rip EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Let us know if you need any further help.

    All the best!

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