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    Foreign Language In Iwork Pages Templates
    Hi there all,
    When i open up a template in pages all the text is in a foreign language which is rather offputting especially when the text should be in english i believe.

    This is really anoying me and i would like the example of what apple has given to help me create good documents, i just cant understand it!

    Anybody know how to change the language?

    I didnt by a imported copy, straight from the apple online store in the UK.

    Many thanks,


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    This wouldn't happen to be an illegal copy of iWork, would it?

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    the template pages always have latin in them. just to show u the formating

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    Hi there, thanks for the fast reply.

    The software is 100% legal right from the apple store.

    So everyones is in latin then?

    I thought i saw on the apple web site that the templates were in english?

    Anybody else with english could they post because, if you havn't guessed, it is indeed a massive thorn in my side!



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    I tried out iWork recently and I think some templates where the content is not important, it is in latin.

    Otherwise people might start reading the content thinking it is important somehow. If it's just gibberish, you can just write over it.

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    Please please if u find the reason for this can you let me know as I am having the same issues.

    Thanks guys

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    From the Wikipedia (Lorem ipsum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum[p][1][2] is the name given to commonly used placeholder text (filler text) to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation, such as font, typography, and layout. The lorem ipsum text, which is typically a nonsensical list of semi-Latin words, is an edited version of a Latin text by Cicero, with words/letters omitted and others inserted, but not proper Latin[1][2] (see below: History and discovery). A close English translation might be "pain itself" (dolorem = pain, grief, misery, suffering; ipsum = itself).

    Even though using "lorem ipsum" often arouses curiosity because of its resemblance to classical Latin, it is not intended to have meaning. Where text is visible in a document, people tend to focus on the textual content rather than upon overall presentation, so publishers use lorem ipsum when displaying a typeface or design elements and page layout in order to direct the focus to the publication style and not the meaning of the text.[2]

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    Well that cleared that up. Thank you for the fantastic clification.

    Top man. Anymore issues I know who to ask.


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    how do you change the language in the template that pops up?

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    Cool Pseudo Latin within iPad PAGES templates.
    The templates are really a visual layout and as a guide to give us an idea for creating the document.
    The templates can be easily modified by the user.
    The Pseudo Latin is there for us to change by simply cutting and then writing into the existing format. It is just a case of cut and write, or select or select all then cut and start writing in what ever language we choose.

    For those of us who have an issue with this, consider how much more of an issue we would have with a page written in our language when we didn't notice we had left some of the template mumbo jumbo within it. We would look pretty stupid to the reader of our document. So it is written in pseudo Latin in order to make it obvious that we did not write it.

    A template is just a format and as such is designed for us to change.
    So cut and write. The same goes for the images. Happy creativity.

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