I'm going nuts here. Have been using iCal without a hitch for months, but now suddenly it's gone haywire. Whenever I add an entry to iCal on my MacBook (2.4 Ghz; Safari 10.5.6) it just disappears. Not sure how long it takes to vanish but it's more than a few minutes. This problem affects entries in all different colour categories.

The entries do NOT disappear:

1. When I close the iCal window.
2. When I quite iCal.
3. When I allow Mobile Me to sync on its usual schedule (at least on the first sync, which I've checked).
4. When I manually sync Mobile Me (I have an iPod touch and iMac - Mobile Me has only ever worked very unevenly for me).

The entries just seem to disappear on their own, over time. This afternoon, I added four entries. They remained in iCal for somewhere between one and two hours. I began to think the problem had fixed itself - until all four vanished.

The entries that I put on my Macbook appear on the Mobile Me homepage iCal calendar. But they also disappear from there.

Entries added to Mobile Me appear on my laptop but the disappear. Entries added to iCal on my desktop seem not to disappear.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

It's a total nightmare since my whole life is organized via iCal.

Many thanks!