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Thread: Save My Garageband!

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    Unhappy Save My Garageband!
    Ok, here's the story:

    I've been enjoying GarageBand since I got this computer a couple of years ago (iMac G5 PowerPC OS X 10.4.11) and the other software bundled with iLife (i think it's GarageBand 2) So anyway, a while ago I was sample-recording a heavy drum track that required multiple tracks and became quite large (I used one track for Kick samples, another for Crash, another for Snare and so on), and GarageBand started going slower and slower until death.

    I wasn't able to play back any saved files at all ever since without the app slowing down or shutting down, and it all ended with me trying to move it over to my external harddrive, and there's when it all went flat. The app was so messed up beyond recognition by then I gave up on hope and decided to just trash it all and reinstall the app with the Bundled Software DVD. But it just won't work.

    I've now trashed all files containing "garageband" from both my internal and external harddrives and I am well ready to install it from the DVD and be off with a fresh start. But it's just not that easy, is it?

    I load the first Disc, follow the Bundled Software instructions, only Check the "GarageBand" app from the customization list, load the second DVD as instructed by kindly pop-ups, but then no more.

    After filling the installation progress bar a little bit the installer aborts the installation and simply gives me the bizarre, extremely annoying and frustrating message (especially for the eight time or so):

    "Try installing again." (No matter how many times I do it)

    And this is where I'm at. After this message, I search finder only to find that Garageband now exists as an app on the harddrive. Glee! But alas, I am mistaken for when I try opening it it says it's missing the Loop Library and /Library/App. Support (or something like that).

    So what do I do in order to install it if it just refuses to install properly?? Is there something wrong with the Installation Disc? (It looks unscratched and healthy...) Should I just wipe the drive completely and wish for a new beginning? Or should I just by a whole new computer with iLife '09? Not on this budget I'm not. So please! Help!

    Feedback and solutions appreciated beyond words.

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    If you want i can try to upload my garage band...

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