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    Question iPhoto 4 question? is it possible to...
    Hello everyone, I have a BIG DOUBT regarding to iPhoto 4 image organization inside the iPhoto Library.

    First of all, I use MAC OS X 10.3.7, and iPhoto 4.

    I download all my pictures from the CF card directly with a CF Reader, I like to make folders for each thing or date, so I make them, then copy my pictures from the CF to that folder. I prefer doing it this way, so I have my photos arranged my way in the hard disk, and in different places and folders of different clients or events.

    Almost all the time I use Photoshop CS to edit my pictures, but for viewing my photos I like iPhoto a lot, because of the Slideshow, dot mac and smugmug connectivity, and easy and fast way to view and organize all the photos inside the software.

    My doubt and question is:

    Is there any way to use iPhoto, but making that your files aren't copied to the iPhoto Library?

    I REALLY HATE THAT. Because I don't like my files been archived in the iPhoto folder, inside a year folder, then a number of folders with the month number, then a folder with the day number, etc. Making this way my files double the space in the disk and memory.

    It will be great that the ALBUMS I make in iPhoto are the same albums/folders i have at my desktop (or anywhere else in my hard disk) and vice versa. And not that cronological order it makes.

    Is there any way? Or may be stop using iPhoto is the better one jeje

    Any other software you can recommend me (for mac)? similar to iPhoto, but with capabilities of making this kind of things?


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    Photoshop album might do the trick but I'm not sure if there is a mac version. Sorry...

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    I believe that photoshop elements 3.0 has the capability

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    What about iPhoto 5?

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