Hi, hope someone can help
I have an intel iMac (white) which plays DVDs (using DVD Player) quite happily, except if I try and use the remote control.
When it goes into the big animated fullscreen menu thing (does it have a name?!) and I select DVD player, it gives me the error:
"the dvd region code does not match the dvd player"
But as I said, I can use DVD player perfectly fine otherwise... what's the deal?

p.s. obviously this has got something to do with it: my iMac was bought second hand with the DVD drive locked in Region 1. I'm UK based, so I flashed the drive, and now it shows up on DVD player as being in Region 2 and having 4 region changes remaining.

p.p.s. it's not even very important, I can watch DVDs - it's just annoying, that's all