Im not sure if this is this is the right place for this post but im running out of options and i am getting desperate!

Here is the situation:

I have a mac book pro laptop running os x 10.5.6.

I am trying to use my webcam and chat with a contact, the webcam is set up and works with all other contacts but this one contact.

On My macbook pro - I have used IChat with AIM to try to video conference with the contact, and i get an error message, saying that the contact is in another conference (which they say they arent). On their side they say that the conference was declined from my side.

I Also experience a similar problem on my pc using msn messenger... I can view my contacts webcam, and all other contacts webcams, and I can send my webcam to all other contacts... but the one contact, the screen goes white, and the connection times out?

I am assuming this would be a problem with the one contacts router or firewall? but what could it be? they say the firewall is disabled ...

But if it were a connection problem would I be able to view the contacts webcam? I am so confused! please help!!!