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    Unhappy Open Office Calc question: do date ranges actually exist?
    I am at a loss as to how to perform a (seemingly) simple function in OpenOffice Calc.
    I have a column containing sequential dates through the year, and in the next column, in every seven cells, I would like to have a date range of the previous week listed. Does this make sense? (I've written & rewritten & rewritten AGAIN this question, and it still seems confusing.

    For example:

    Column A has descending days of the week listed:
    Sun = cell A1
    Mon = cell A2
    Tues = cell A3
    Wed = cell A4
    Thurs = cell A5
    Fri = cell A6
    Sat = cell A7

    Column B has descending dates for the whole year:
    01/01/09 = cell B1
    01/02/09 = cell B2
    01/03/09 = cell B3
    01/04/09 = cell B4
    01/05/09 = cell B5
    01/06/09 = cell B6
    01/07/09 = cell B7
    01/08/09 = cell B8

    In Column C, I would like to have every 7th (seventh) cell hold the date range for the previous 7 cells in Column B:
    01/01/09 - 01/07/09 = cell C7

    ......I hope this makes SOME KIND of sense, since I am dumbfounded on how this can be accomplished without typing out the all of the date ranges as text throughout the entire year and for each year to come. There's GOT TO be a simple way to set this up as a function, right?


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    The only catch is that you need to convert the date into a text value before concatenation.

    Sample formula for column C7:
    =CONCATENATE(TEXT(B1;"dd-mmm-yyyy");" - ";TEXT(B7;"dd-mmm-yyyy"))

    Then, use any method you want (copy/paste, fill, etc.) to place the formula in every seventh cell going down. NOTE: I just did this on a Windows machine, so no confirmation on a Mac.
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