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    Question Unrar password protected files
    Hi All,

    Up until now I have been using unrarx to extract archive files, then I came across an archive.rar file which is password protected.
    The unrarx app doesnt seem to prompt any password dialog so that i can enter the password to extract the files.

    My question:
    - are there an alternative apps to unrarx that can extract passworded rar files?

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    "unarchiver" is a good one too.

    i think under one of the menu options in either program you can tell the app to use a specific password prior to opening the file.
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    great... unrarX is now in the trashcan.

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    I have many rars from different archives with the same password. Is there an app that will allow me to enter one password and open up several different archives with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salander View Post
    great... unrarX is now in the trashcan.
    OK so very late to the party lol!!!

    But unrarX does have a password facility you know.

    Just click on the white 'tab' in the upper right of the window when you open the program.

    password, test, browse and extract should appear

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