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    Angry How to do highlight command in Preview?
    I was wondering if someone could give me some insight on this. I want to do the shortcut in Preview to highlight text quickly, but I can't figure out how to do the "^" that it requires. The command to highlight text is:

    ^ command H

    I've tried the following:

    shift 6 command H (since 6 is the key that has the "^" symbol)

    up arrow key command H (this doesn't work either)

    command H (doesn't work)

    So what key is the one that supposedly is the "^" component of the "^ command H" shortcut? I'm a student and I have a lot of stuff to highlight in my pdfs. Arghh!! Somebody please help!

    BTW, the command is under Tools-->Mark Up-->Highlight Text


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    The up arrow is the Shift key. So to use that shortcut, it would be:

    Shift + Command + H

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    Thanks, but it still doesn't work...has anyone gotten this command to work via the shortcut? Any more ideas?

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    I came looking for the same thing, and i found it! you've prob already found it by now but anyways...

    it's's the link to where i found it

    Preview Tutorial - Mark Up Tools

    i don't understand how ^ conveys command, but it works! hope this helps!!

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    ^ is the traditional notation for Control, which has been used for years. Caret notation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Microsoft prefers to use "Ctrl", but Apple has always used symbols for its menus, both to stay language-neutral, and to save space.

    For what it's worth:

    ⌥ is Option

    ⌘ is Command

    ↩ is Return, which should never be confused with the Enter key, ⌤, (the one on the Numeric pad at the far right of a desktop keyboard; it's fn+return on a portable keyboard.)

    ⌫ is the Delete key, which should never be confused with the Forward Delete key, ⌦, (which must be entered as fn+⌫ on a portable)

    ⇧ is the Shift key; it's hollow, unlike the up-arrow key (Which would be ↑, along with the other arrow keys (↓, →, and ←)

    Finally, ⎋ is the Escape (esc) key.

    Even I don't know which ones are the Home/End and Page Up/Page Down keys. They're something like ⇤ and ⇥, though.

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    Here's an image file I keep handy just for this.

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    Thanks where did you get that table? I've always thought I had to memorize and figure out these controls.... Apple should really put these images on the keys, like they do on the /command key and the forward-delete key.

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    I have a question about preview... I can open my document in preview but for some reason when I click on annotate, all the options come up but I can't highlight, add note or anything to the document. Am are doing something wrong or are there some pdf files that just aren't compatible with preview?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leopard-user1 View Post
    Apple should really put these images on the keys, like they do on the /command key and the forward-delete key.
    And/or they should have a readily accessible legend. There's a minimal one in the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences pane, but it's hidden. You have to click the Modifier Keys button. It's not intended as a legend, but as settings you can customize.

    Quote Originally Posted by ldalal View Post
    I have a question about preview...
    You might have better luck starting a thread for it.

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