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    microsoft office for mac- signature
    My powerbook came with Microsoft office for mac, I have corel word perfect on my p.c..(which I'm familiar with) I recently received a bunch Microsoft office documents that need not only my input, (which I have completed) but my signature. Is there a way to import my signature so I don't have scan all these documents to put my signature on certain pages? I have to send it back via e-mail.
    thanks all

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    OK, does anyone have a good help link to office 2004 for mac?

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    have you tried checking office's help, or and going to support for office?

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    Yeah tried office help(in the program), support for office (3 day e-mail response) finally had to join a news group in which I might get an answer.
    Mactopia has groups no forum just e-mail.

    I don't like using their google news group because your e-mail is . "Messages posted to this group will make your email visible to anyone on the Internet."

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