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    Mac Mail: "To" field being replaced on incoming mail.
    I have very little experience on Mac but plenty with email on other systems. Many (about 25%) of incoming mails have the "To" field modified by Mail so that instead of
    To: <>
    it appears as
    To: VIAGRA Official Site<>
    If I check the mail via webmail (browser) all the headers are normal.
    If I check the mail using Mail on another Mac all the headers are normal.

    The problem only appears on one machine. I've checked the address book and can't find the term in there.

    Anyone got any ideas what can cause this?

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    The only preference that might make a difference is in Mail Preferences > Viewing > Use Smart addresses
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    I had a similar issue, which I fixed by going to the "Previous Recipients" menu item listed under "Window", where the address corresponding to "VIAGRA Official Site<>" was listed, and I could select and delete it.

    Apparently what can happen is this...

    If at some stage a user of the computer sent an experimental message to themselves with the address VIAGRA Official Site<>, that address then gets stored in "Previous Recipients", and from then on, every time incoming mail arrives addressed just to "", the name "VIAGRA Official Site" will get prefaced to that address. However, if the incoming mail is addressed to say "John Smith<>", then it doesn't get modified.

    Unhelpful data in the "Previous Recipients" list can also cause problems with outgoing mail, as described in the website Macintosh How To .

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