Hi there

I have created a webpage using iWeb and am attempting to upload it using Cyberduck. I can login successfully to cyberduck using the details from
the my host, and am presented with a folder listing the website
name, e.g. 'www.example.com', which has 2 sub folders - 'logs' and

Using iWeb, i have published the website to a seperate folder, which in
it contains a file called 'Index.html' and a file called 'Site' which
contains various other files. I have uploaded this entire folder into
the 'Web' folder on the cyberduck interface, ensuring that the
'index.html' file and 'site' folder are separate. According to various
user guides, i should now be able to access the site online, but I am
still presented with the standard host holding page. I have tried
various other combinations but nothing has so far worked.

I would appreciate somebody's help here!