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Thread: Is there an alternative to msn messager?

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    Is there an alternative to msn messager?
    does anyone know if there is an alternative prog to msn messager that still enables you to chat to msn users and use a web cam and send files sucessfully.

    Its anoying all my friends use msn on PC's I use Msn on the Mac but it is a bad progame. You can't transfer or recive files very well and it dosn't support web cams. There must be a somer sollution.

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    msn really sux on mac, adium is probably your best bet, but Im not sure if you can use a webcam with it, or maybe fire.

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    As far as i can find there are no mac msn chat progs that allow webcam. I'm using an app called mercury messenger but it only allows you to see them , they are unable to see you. Better than nothin. I think the developer is working on it so keep an eye open, they have a good little forum to keep track of progress

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    The people for Adium are saying the same thing Video. 'we are looking into it, but don't hold your breath' That kind of thing.

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