Hello, I have recently gotten myself a mac, and am still learning to use it and find replacements for some of the programs I used regularly on my windows machine.

One I am having trouble finding is a free program that can let me sort photos for posting online - previously I used Faststone in windows, which let me resize images to web resolution and add a frame to the images. This could be done as a batch to convert many pictures at once.

So far I have found a few programs that will resize images, but none that can do the framing at the same time - All I am wanting is a simple frame just to differentiate the photo from its surroundings (examples at Flickr: Narcosynthesis' Photostream )

Is there any stand alone program to do this? I am also learning to use the GMP as a photo editor, so I know there should be a way to do it in there, but I have no idea on how fiddly and time consuming it would be to process a lot of files at once.

Cheers for any help.