I use Mac OS 10.4.11, and I just installed Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac, because my ancient version of Word kept crashing.

I like the new MS Word, except for one major thing: In the old version of Word, I could search for documents by hitting Control-F in the Finder and entering a word; then it would show me all of the documents and folders that contained that word. So if I wanted to find all of the Word docs that contained the word "notebook", I could hit Control-F, enter "notebook" and it would do that.

Now, with the new version of Word, the find function doesn't see the new Word docs. So if I have a Word 2008 doc that contains that word "notebook", it doesn't appear when I do a find.

I write a lot for my job, and this is a very necessary feature for me... is there anything I can do so my Finder can see the contents of my Word 2008 docs?

Thank you!