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    Stock Market Software
    I am jumping back into the stock market and Im looking for a good "ticker" program for mac, and iphone. I like the basic app the iphone has, but looking for something a little more. I would also like the program on the mac to be able to display my portfolio so I can see how much money I don't have anymore. Thanks

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    Here's one for the mac ProTA: Mac OS X Stock Market Charting and Technical Analysis Software. It's a pretty good app. Don't know what there is for the iphone though.

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    Stock Menulet is my Mac stock ticker and it rocks! Dead simple, great support, very customizable.

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    Mac Stock Market Software
    I use Pro Analyst from []

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    You could also try the *free* StockMeter 0.6. From the site:

    About StockMeter
    A realtime stock monitoring and ticker application that allows users to monitor their stocks. It also supports alerts using the Growl framework based on the triggers set by the user.
    Now with support for currency and foreign exchange rates and last 15 minutes graph for stocks. Auto update ensures that the system updates itself with the latest features automatically in the background.

    You can download it from:
    StockMeter - The minimalistic stock ticker for Mac OS X


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