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    How do I change the address that iCal e-mail alerts are being sent from?
    I have an annoying iCal issue and can't find solutions on this or any other boards, so far.

    I set up an e-mail alert for an iCal event, and duly received an e-mail. The "sender" of the alert is one of the 5 addresses I have configured under Mail. It's not the oldest, newest, or the one on top in my Mail app. I'd really like to have all iCal alerts come from another of my accounts instead, but can't find any way to achieve this in iCal preferences.

    Anyone know how to do this?

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    Changing the email that iCal sends notifications from.
    I was looking for an answer but all I found the question on this page that was never answered, so... I spent a minute going through the three most obvious places... iCal, nope! Address book, nope! How bout Mail? Yup...

    Open, preferences, composing, and underneath where it says, "Addressing:" look for "Send new mail from:".

    At default it will send from "Account of last viewed mail box". This is where you change it to send from the address of your choice.

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    I suspect the issue is that the original poster (like me) wants to be able to select, on a per notification basis, the account from which a selected iCal notification is sent for a selected iCal event. That is, that particular account selection should not automatically apply to all unselected iCal e-mail notifications.

    If so, there currently does not appear to be a way to do this under OS X 10.5.8.

    Anyone know if 10.6 can properly handle it?

    It seems the following AppleScript can be used so solve the issue. Simply edit the script as needed to suit the particular notification, save the script under a unique name, and then tell the notification to run that AppleScript.

    tell application "Mail"
    tell front message viewer
    -- if have multiple Inboxes, replace "Family" with the desired Inbox
    set themailbox to mailbox "Family" as list
    set selected mailboxes to themailbox
    end tell

    set theMessage to make new outgoing message

    tell theMessage
    -- replace "username@domainname.extension" with the desired sender e-mail address
    set sender to "Notification <username@domainname.extension>"
    -- replace "Plan Weekend" with the desired subject line
    set the subject to "Plan Weekend"
    -- replace "Time to plan the weekend." with the desired message content
    set the content to "Time to plan the weekend."
    -- replace "username@domainname.extension" with the desired recipient's e-mail address
    make new to recipient at end of to recipients with properties {address:"username@domainname.extension"}

    -- turn off the following line to create and send the e-mail in the background
    set visible to true
    end tell

    -- turn off the following line when testing
    send theMessage

    end tell

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    Go to Address Book and select your own details ("My Card").

    Click EDIT "My Card."

    Add another email address to the card (the email address you want to use in iCal).

    Save and close Address Book.

    Open iCal and the newly added email address should now be available as an option for your alerts.

    Worked for me.

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