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    Nov 14, 2004
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    2.93GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon processor RuningSnoLeopard v 10.6.4 DDRe
    Unhappy Where do I get OS 10.2?
    Dig this,
    I've installed MYST Revelations IV (Win/Mac Platform) and when I boot
    the system crashes>gotta pull plug tto get out. UBI SOFT says it's 'cause
    I'm runnin' os 10.3.7(Panther). I guess Microsuk can't handle it. Now, where can I find 10.2? 'Cause os 6-9, classic[or IGUESS that IS 6] won't woek either,

    Then again I got a Mac for PScs! :doctor:
    A-a-h Yes, A Computer without windows, is like a fish
    without a bicycle, :mad:

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    I don't think you need 10.2,
    Did you install it to your hard drive?
    here is a mac patch.

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