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    Photobooth: How to get photobooth photo number and filename number to correspond?
    So I have a big pet peeve with Photobooth. If I delete am photo from a few days ago, the it changes the photo number of every photo after the deleted photo in the Photobooth program, however it leaves the filename the same number as it was when I took the photo.

    Sometimes when I'm looking for a specific photo and don't want to open up Photobooth and drag and drop, I look for it in the PhotoBooth folder, but after deleting a few images here and there, they get completely out of order.

    If there any program or hack or anything that can get photobooth to automatically manage the filenames of the photos to correspond to the number that it says in the application?

    Basically: Photo 226 in PhotoBooth is not that same as Photo 226 in the Finder Folder where PhotoBooth saves to. Is there anyway to get these numbers to sync? Thanks!

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    Uhm im really interested in this too. Anyone?
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    Anyone have ANY ideas?

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    Still searching for an answer...

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    I don't know how to get Photo Booth organized, but to locate the picture easily, find it in Photo Booth and press Apple+R, it'll pull up the picture in your Finder.

    Hope that helps!

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