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    Microsoft Licensing conflict
    I recently was engaged to do some support at a small theatre that uses eMacs. They had apparently pirated a version of MS Office X from Limewire or some such, but were getting conflicts when multiple users tried to run Word simultaneously. I convinced them to get a 5-computer site license from Microsoft, which came with a special installation disk.

    When I installed it, the setup asked if I wanted to delete the older versions of Office on the hard drives, which I did. It also did not ask me for a keycode of any kind, which I found strange. THE PROBLEM IS: the conflict is still occurring, returning the message "[User x] is currently using this application." I tried re-installing (and deleting older versions again, with the same result.

    The four computers are not technically networked in terms of file or applicatoin sharing, but are connected to DSL through a shared Linksys router.

    Does anyone know a way to convince MS Office that the site licenses are valid? (I think it's still finding something from the pirated version).

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    It's probably in the preferences folder.. ~/Library/Preferences/ or in ~/Library/Application Support or in the ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/ MS puts things everywhere There might be a couple more places to look. Since you purchased it I would say you could talk to MS and see if they can help you.

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