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Thread: Safari Enable Plugins

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    Safari Enable Plugins
    After one of the last few updates to Safari my application has taken on an annoying little property.

    Everytime Safari is restarted it starts with the option "Enable plug-ins" off which means all flash content is not shown until I go into preferences and tick the box to enable.

    Its only a little thing but get annoying as I have to do it everytime I close and re-open Safari.

    So I just wondered if there was a way to keep the option enabled forever until I un-enable it?


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    My guess would be a corrupt Safari preference file.

    Close Safari - Open Finder and browse to:

    Home (your user) - Library - Preferences

    delete - don't empty the trash yet

    Restart Safari - enable the setting - close Safari - re-open and check it out

    If it's working fine, then you can trash the old plist file.
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